Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ho Ho Ho Winners

Winners of signed copies of With This Bling!

Elizabeth~I need your email!

Winners of How I Met Your Father Audio download!

Helena~ I need your email!

Thank you everyone who participated. It's a crazy, crazy house with the new puppy, Daphne, college kids home, and my ever growing To Do list!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Ho Ho Ho! Give Away!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Chez Gregg! 

Only child in her Front Bottoms hat--has no clue her life is about to change.

We're expecting a puppy later today--honest to God. A little beagle boy rescued from Arkansas, about five months old (maybe six) and he's milky white and splattered in cayenne red. His name is Tommy, though I suspect something more fitting will stick to him over the next few days. I cannot wait to meet him!

Daphne's enthusiasm will be a work in progress.

News for me? Well, the big-ass blog tour is over! I have to thank Amelia at Riptide for keeping me on time; and Sarah Lyons for the moral support.

 With This Bling has received some pretty nice reviews--including a Recommended Read from Dear Author and some year end favorites! I squeaked under the wire on that one. Most importantly, I'm delighted you all are enjoying the book. It means so much.

Naturally, I'm months behind on my next deadline. Post holiday season, I'll disappear into the writing cave and feverishly attend to my muse, but head's up: the next book will be delayed. One thing at a time. It's all I can do. In the meantime, check out the deleted scene from With This Bling and my interview with Caesar.

New in Christmas Audio:
Get into the holiday spirit with Waiting For Winter and How I Met Your Father now on audio!

see rules below

In celebration of the fans who waited patiently (and some not so patiently I SEE YOU), I'm giving away four signed copies of With This Bling, and two audiobook downloads of perennial favorite How I Met Your Father. You have until Monday December 21 to enter (midnight EST) and the contest is open to 18+. I'll pick at random (using one of those random number generators). All you have to do is leave a comment here and tell us what you're most looking forward to in the New Year. Easy Peasy. Leave your email addy as well!

I'll start: I'm most looking forward to finishing The Buck Stops Here. Ai yi yi.

Happy Holidays and thanks again for making 2015 a great year!

LB Gregg


• No purchase is necessary – this is a book giveaway.
• All eligible participants must be at least 18 years old and is void where prohibited. 
• Each eligible participant will have his or her name entered into the random drawings by commenting on this post between now and noon EST Monday, December 21, 2015.
• Eligible winners will be considered ineligible for additional gifts. Each entrant will be allowed only one win during this giveaway. 
• Gifts are not redeemable in whole or in part for cash and equivalent value gifts may not be substituted.  
• There will be 6 lucky gift recipients chosen by 6 random drawings on December 22, 2015. 
• Chosen gift recipients will have 48 hours to respond to email by LBG after winners are posted on December 22, 2015.
• The odds of selection are dependent on the total number of eligible entries received. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blog Tour

It's that time: the With This Bling--blog tour! Pop over to Riptide for the full, updated list with fresh, shiny, fully functional links.

I'm all over the place--as you can see-- but you won't want to miss my interview with Caesar Romano over at Joyfully Jay this morning. There will be an adorable deleted scene coming soon (somewhere) as well.

If you'd like to enter the give away for an Amazon gift certificate and way cool Romano and Albright mug & swag--comment at any of the blog tour stops. Easy peasy.

Samhain is offering a discount on the first two Romano and Albright books until Dec 11, just in case you LOST yours. **cough**

Finally--pop by either of my Facebook hangouts--where later today I'll give away two signed copies of WTB later. Look for the post! And then comment. This contest will be open worldwide, 18+, open until midnight tomorrow (Wed Dec 9, EST) and winners will be selected through random number generator.

Okay. Time to write.

Thanks for all your well wishes and support!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Coming sooner than you can imagine!**

At long last Caesar Romano and Dan Albright return!  With This Bling --available December 7th from Riptide Publishing. **

No celebration of Ce & Dan is complete without a little excerpt!

Like clockwork, a knock rattled the back door.
My ride, silhouetted in amber, filled the doorway. If I hadn’t expected him, his menacing shadow would have scared the crap out of me, particularly after this morning’s adventures. Sure, Poppy and I worked in a decent neighborhood, but New York was New York. And Dan enjoyed playing the part of sneaky bastard. His livelihood depended on stealth, and I swear he got a thrill every time I jumped.
As it was, my pulse fluttered at the sight of him, but I didn’t let on. I unplugged my laptop. “You can come in. Don’t lurk on the stoop.”
“I’m not lurking. I’m knocking. This is polite social behavior.”
“You are now, and always have been, ever the gentleman.”
“You better believe it, baby.” He opened the door, and his smile faded. “Why isn’t this locked? Anyone could have walked right in.”
“I just literally unlocked it.” A half-truth. “You were expected.”
“Expected,” he grumbled and made a show of flipping the latch, which seemed excessive since we were leaving and only an idiot would break in with Dan’s strapping shoulders clogging the entrance. He wore his usual blue jeans and black T-shirt, but without the butch biker boots. 
So, he’d taken the car and he planned a stakeout. No motorcycle. “Did you speak to the police?”
He tucked his sunglasses away and watched me putter. “They were about as helpful as that kid this morning.”
The summer sun had bronzed his cheek bones, and five-o’clock shadow covered his jaw, thick enough to be a beard by morning. He rested his butt against the gleaming stainless steel counter next to the sink, and stuffed his hand deep into the front pocket of his worn jeans, right next to his weighty package. Anyone else would have dug for a cell phone. Dan remained alert and ready for action, his eye on me.
My gaze drifted toward his crotch and hung there for a second.
“See something you like?”
“Mmm. Maybe.” I met his smile before returning to the scintillating task of coiling my power cord. “Exhibit A.” I nodded toward the glass of Sprite as I stowed the cord into a zippered pouch. “Your cable guy is a jerk.”
My fingers brushed across one of the numerous condoms I carried for emergencies. Poppy had thrown them inside my bag willy-nilly and all fifteen or more of them were clumped together. I frowned at the disarray, and when I looked back, Dan peeled his shirt over his head.
I froze. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” He tossed the shirt on the counter, and his chest rippled. Laid bare were the thin scars that intrigued me and terrified me and reminded me of all the things I hadn’t asked him but should.
Dan folded his shirt, unhurried but determined, and I nervously followed the thin arrow of hair that disappeared into his waistband. “You do know the sign says, ‘No shirt, no service’?”
“If I keep my shirt on, will you service me?”
“I . . .”
He smiled evilly, and I bit my lip. Servicing him here at work? We’d never. I mean, it was simply not done. Not here. Not by us. Not yet, anyway.
Blood rushed south despite my lame protest. “I just cleaned the counter.”
“Then we won’t use the counter.”

Blog Tour begins Monday!

   **a little bird tells me With This Bling will be available on the Riptide website this weekend!**

Thursday, November 12, 2015

First Excerpt

Want to get a first peek at my upcoming Romano and Albright novel--With This Bling? Hop on over to Heroes and Heartbreakers for an exclusive excerpt.

Only a few more weeks! Dec 7th is the official release date. You can pre-order your copy at Riptide Publishing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Home again.

My holiday in Scotland revealed a few things:

  • Scotch is really the only hard drink worth a damn--and best in very small doses. Also whiskey with an 'e' reminds me of Adrien English. I like it.
  • Nobody visits the Orkneys in October, making it the dream destination for me. So raw. So lovely.
  • I can and will run anywhere.
  • The Scottish sun burns bright and close. The moon as well.
  • Cheese is my favorite food group. 
  • I take a lot of photos of rocks. 
  • A new Scottish novella is planned for December 2016, tentatively titled The Pretender.
If you're following me on Instagram, you've already seen some of these highlights. I'm including a few absolute favorite vacation photos here, because who doesn't love to see someone else's endless holiday snapshots? Am I right? I still have hundreds of pictures to sort through, many of them flowers, rocks, sunshine, my face, cups, and blurry landscapes taken from the bus window. It was just a brilliant time and I bought a bunch of travel books along the way. Naturally, I'm already planning my next tour--some day down the road a bit.


Standing Stones Orkney.
We chased the other tourists away with our hideously bad Scottish accents.
Morning Run in Inverness.

Crossing from Orkney.

Inside a Clava Cairn.

Dizzy walk along the outer bailey at Stirling Castle.

Ploughman's. #saynotobeets

 Full moon. Church. Gravestones. Perfection.
Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, and moi.

Kirkwall St. Magnus Cathedral at night.

Happy October. It's good to be home again for a few weeks--Daphne is particularly thrilled. We're here. We're enjoying the foliage, and I'm working.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Take Away

I started this post hours ago and I admit, I had to reach out to a wonderful, thoughtful friend  for some guidance. Then, as I do, I went for a run to clear my head.

What began in this awful, ugly place in my heart, the one filled with rage and defensiveness (a very bad place to start) brought me to this new, interesting landscape filled with reflection and gratitude.

Because so many of you get that today is about her story. Not yours.

I’m not super involved in our writing community anymore. There are a wealth of reasons for that, but mental fatigue plays a huge part. People can be vexing. And getting overwrought is not what Mr. Darcy calls a value-added activity. So though I usually don’t keep up with the latest outrage or scandal or big to-dos, there is a parade of pitch -fork and torch carriers –the very same people who love to read and write and talk about love, forgiveness, and reconciliation— climbing the porch steps of someone very dear to me.

 And then I read through some posts and comments from people in our community and I even received a few messages of support myself. Wow. Yay, people. Yay, you. How enormously gratifying to see so many (authors, readers, publishers, editors) offer the safe harbor of friendship, and exercise the inclusivity and love you write about, talk about, read about, and fly flags over.

Today was supposed to be my Happy The Front Bottoms New Music Day (and still is because I’ve bought five flipping copies of that album)—and it turns out instead to be this amazing I Stand For Josh Friday  And it's important, because that's my best friend.

There are a lot of very good, very wonderful people out there in our converging circles. People who choose not only write about love, they also offer it. An unexpected phenomena in the face of so many unknowns for Josh, and my
surprisingly optimistic take away on this I Stand For Josh Friday.

I leave for Scotland in less than a week. I have my Wellies, my notebook, my playlist, my friends, my running shoes, and my hollow leg. I'll be back October 10th. You can find me on Facebook, as usual. And, if you haven't yet signed up for my bitching newsletter, please do.