Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mark and Tony

I've only been talking about this forever--but YES the time has come. Men-o-Smithfield:Mark and Tony.

It's time to buy my new old book!

And I've added a new feature to my new website--Where in the World is LB Gregg. The hope is to set up a functioning blog on the site, but I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work. I'll post links here for now and eventually I'll either cross post or figure this whole 'adding a blog to a website' thing. I have someone on that.

Right now? I'm in Smithfield, gearing up to move into my new digs. It's been ten freaking months, but the house is nearly ready. The guys are literally putting the final touches on the floors and walls and the grass survived the dry spell of early July.

I predict the next two or three weeks are going to be insanely busy for yours truly, but busy in the best possible way. I'm going home.

Have a fabulous day--and happy reading!



helenajust said...

Good to see you back - and love the new website! Could you ask the someone who's working on it for you to add an RSS feed for the blog? So we can keep an eye on you if you don't cross-post to LJ? Also,I couldn't see a way of commenting on the blog (although that may have been deliberate).

Love the beach!

Chris said...

Second vote for the RSS feed! :) The new site looks great.

Yay for finally moving in to your new place!

Did I reply to your email, or just imagine that I did?

lbgregg said...

I've sent word to the Web Lord that we'd like an RSS feed. Thanks so much for the input!

I'm working on the 'how to comment' issue. I may just have to link this blog to that site. Or I'm going to have to suck it up and use Word Press after all.

I'm afraid of Word Press.

Chris said...

I've survived WP since 6/2006 - it'll be fine! Maybe the Web Lord can check on adding Disqus comments?

lbgregg said...

**scribbles frantically** D-I-S-Q-U-S

Will check!

D said...

Read Gobsmacked a while back and am very happy to say I finished listening to Mark and Tony today. It's even better in audiobook format. If you haven't heard it for yourself, give a listen. Everybody comes to life. Can't wait for the other to be released thru Audible. Thanks for the new memories!