Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Live and upcoming!

Welcome to the world, Sam and Aaron!

You can pick up your copy at Carina Press or any of the usual vendors. I was just asked if the book will join the Men of Smithfield audio collection. I'll let you know!

Live Your Life Buy The Book interviewed me last week. They ran a Smithfield week of reviews on the first four books and I'm giving away the Carina M/M box set as a gifty, so pop by and comment. They've been big supporters of my work. Thanks so much!  Read the reviews and my Ce and Dan Christmas story.

For those of you new to Smithfield, book one--Mark and Tony-- is available in the aforementioned The Contemporary M/M Box Set from Carina Press. That collection also includes Josh Lanyon's Icecapade; KC Burn's First Time, Forever; and Bending the Iron by Libby Drew.

I'm still in Singapore, writing a little about my experience in Indochina, working feverishly on my next novella, and trying to promo from afar. I'll be back in the States on Friday, and I plan to stay there until mid-September.

Finally, I have the cover for my next book, a contemporary novella in a brand new collection, which hits the shelves this coming November. It's available for pre-order now!


JenB said...

LOVED Sam and Aaron. More more moooorrre!!! (Please.)

lbgregg said...

Thanks Jen. Alissa is already asking for the next one. Hhahahahhahahahahahah hahahahah ha ha. ah.

Helena said...

Devoured Sam and Aaron and am now re-reading the other Men of Smithfield books when I should be doing something else...

lbgregg said...

Thanks Helena! Yay!