Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hair Flip + Favorite Sweater!
There's an exclusive excerpt of my upcoming release There's Something About Ari over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. I have such a hard time choosing the right bit to post, but my lovely editor suggested the entire prologue (it's short!) and I think she's spot on. I loved writing this pair. They're somewhat damaged, but they're also funny, hot, and meant to be together. They always were. Friends to lovers. My favorite.

Pop by and take a read. And thanks so much Megan Frampton for the invite.

In other news--I have a brand new professional author photo. I feel so...HEY LOOK AT ME...but hey, take a look at me in my favorite sweater! A very special shout out to my pals in Cali who gave me wine AND  a Marlo Thomas/Mary Tyler Moore 70's flip. I have pin straight hair, so it took a village to achieve that wave. And it took half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to get me to sit on that stool. Who knew modeling was so hard?

It's sunny and bright here in Connecticut. The Front Bottoms and Alt-J are on deck, there's coffee in the pot, and praise October, I'm writing! Bring on Winter.



Wendy said...

"Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes, That Girl!"

Josh Lanyon said...

Who can turn the world on with a smiiile?

Josh Lanyon said...

OOPS. Wrong icon. But still! Great smile. ;-D

Rowena said...

Look good, you beautiful woman you! Miss you heaps!

lbgregg said...

Thanks guys!

And which icon were you using, Lanyon?