Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey. Remember these guys?

Of course you do! At long last, Caesar and Dan finally make their triumphant return to your favorite reading device or bookshelf this November!

 **cue musical flourish and confetti cannon**

Here's the OFFICIAL announcement from Riptide Publishing:

 Fans of L.B. Gregg's much loved Romano & Albright series will be thrilled to hear that Riptide will be releasing two more books in series: With This Bling in November 2015 and Gaydar Love in late 2016. These hilarious books follow Caesar Romano and his detective boyfriend Dan Albright as they navigate their way through life and love and relationships.

With This Bling!

Isn't that the most awesome title? Why haven't I used that one before?  I'm working on the storyline now--so no spoilers. Writing is complicated! And difficult! Also frightening. And, it's wicked time consuming. A full 60-70k book (which some authors write in a SNAP) will take half a year to complete--meaning this may be the only book I produce this year.

You know you want it.

 Pick up books one and two over at Amazon, just in case you'd like to refresh your memory!

Happy January--



booksandmore said...

That's great! I did miss Dan and Caesar. They are one of my favourite couples. Thank you for letting us know.

Haldis said...

Well of course I just won the first book in December, devoured it, and then immediately bought and gobbled up the I have to wait until November for the third.
I will eagerly awaited its arrival.

Janet said...

Wonderful news! I've missed Caesar's feistiness and snark.

Carey said...

Yay! I love these two :) Can't wait, thanks for the update!

lbgregg said...

Thanks! I'm re-reading Trust Me right now...and I love these two so much. No pressure!

waxapplelover said...

I remember, love and miss them! I'm so glad to hear there will be two more from the series! Thanks for the update.

Suzi Webster said...

Happy to hear they are on the return - but so long away!!!!

Barbra said...

I've reread your first 2 Romano & Albright books at least 10 times each
(probably more) & have checked out this website gazillions of times for this news. I had almost lost hope. This makes me super happy. :-)