Friday, September 18, 2015

Take Away

I started this post hours ago and I admit, I had to reach out to a wonderful, thoughtful friend  for some guidance. Then, as I do, I went for a run to clear my head.

What began in this awful, ugly place in my heart, the one filled with rage and defensiveness (a very bad place to start) brought me to this new, interesting landscape filled with reflection and gratitude.

Because so many of you get that today is about her story. Not yours.

I’m not super involved in our writing community anymore. There are a wealth of reasons for that, but mental fatigue plays a huge part. People can be vexing. And getting overwrought is not what Mr. Darcy calls a value-added activity. So though I usually don’t keep up with the latest outrage or scandal or big to-dos, there is a parade of pitch -fork and torch carriers –the very same people who love to read and write and talk about love, forgiveness, and reconciliation— climbing the porch steps of someone very dear to me.

 And then I read through some posts and comments from people in our community and I even received a few messages of support myself. Wow. Yay, people. Yay, you. How enormously gratifying to see so many (authors, readers, publishers, editors) offer the safe harbor of friendship, and exercise the inclusivity and love you write about, talk about, read about, and fly flags over.

Today was supposed to be my Happy The Front Bottoms New Music Day (and still is because I’ve bought five flipping copies of that album)—and it turns out instead to be this amazing I Stand For Josh Friday  And it's important, because that's my best friend.

There are a lot of very good, very wonderful people out there in our converging circles. People who choose not only write about love, they also offer it. An unexpected phenomena in the face of so many unknowns for Josh, and my
surprisingly optimistic take away on this I Stand For Josh Friday.

I leave for Scotland in less than a week. I have my Wellies, my notebook, my playlist, my friends, my running shoes, and my hollow leg. I'll be back October 10th. You can find me on Facebook, as usual. And, if you haven't yet signed up for my bitching newsletter, please do.




Josh Lanyon said...

You made me cry, bestie. :-)

Johanna O said...

Have a wonderful time in Scotland, L.B. And take good care of your best friend! :-) She is LOVED as we got to witness today. And so are you.

Big hugs coming your way.

syleegurl said...

I too stand for Josh. Because of the talent? Yes. Because of the class? Most definitely.

I stand for you too, LB. For those same reasons.

I hope you both enjoy your vacation in Scotland! Safe travels!

Sabine said...

Have a great time you two!

KC said...

Love the post :-)
Have a wonderful time in Scotland!

Joanna Chambers said...

ALL the love!

Felice Stevens said...

You're the bomb, lady. And a class act

Anonymous said...

I stand for Josh and I stand for you too, LB. Have a wonderful vacation in Scotland, resting, relaxing, and getting into mischief. Come back refreshed.

--Judy Stone

Susan said...

Have the sweetest time away in Scotland, you and Josh. Enjoy it all and come safely back to us.

Susan said...

Scotland is wonderful! I was up there way back in 1984 and it was the favorite part of my month in England.

We expect pictures!

All the best, both of you.


Carter Quinn said...

I, for one, am shocked and appalled. You run? On purpose? Not to get away from some scary thing chasing you? I can't even with this right now.

As for the rest, it's a no-brainer. I stand with Josh.

Jaime Wilson said...

Beautiful post. I Stand for Josh Every Day. :-)

lbgregg said...

I'm really bad about responding to comments on my blog. First--Thanks everyone. Second, I have a pack of tissues in my bag for Josh and my usual haul of Visine (because one can never have too many bottles of Visine) (do not tell Rosie I said that ever).

Kevin Burton Smith said...

I stand for Josh, too. Take good care of my baby, Lisa.